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Cool Insects of Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness

By Carlie Gentry   When working outdoors, insects sometimes find themselves to be a large factor in your day. Often this occurs as mosquitoes, black flies or no-see-ums that refuse to leave you alone while in the field. Other times you may come across an angry hive of bees or hornets that disrupt your workflow […]

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  • On of the special places we get to work, and #Wilderness area expanded with passage of the Tennessee Wilderness Act, is the Little Frog Mountain Wilderness in Polk County, #Tennessee The waters from Little Frog Mountain drain to the Ocoee and Hiawasse #rivers, drivers for outdoor recreation in southeast Tennessee. 
#publiclands #itsallyours #nationalforest #Cherokee #wildernesswork #sawsome #keepitwild #watershed #cleanandabundantwater