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Cool Insects of Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness

By Carlie Gentry   When working outdoors, insects sometimes find themselves to be a large factor in your day. Often this occurs as mosquitoes, black flies or no-see-ums that refuse to leave you alone while in the field. Other times you may come across an angry hive of bees or hornets that disrupt your workflow […]

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  • Today we say “Happy Trails” to our Lead Wilderness Ranger @rangersteves. Stephen was one of SAWS’s first hires in 2010 and has grown alongside us. Whether it’s running the Linville Information Cabin, being a friendly knowledgeable wilderness ranger on the trails or a hilarious coworker, Stephen has been an integral part of this family. We wish him the absolute best as he makes the jump to working for the @appalachiantrail! #leadwildernessranger #sawsome #leavenotrace #appalachiantrail #wilderness