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Quarantine Thoughts

Quarantine Thoughts By Rachel Crump   The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, to say the least.  The news drones on bleakly, scheduled work days in the field have been cancelled, and the uncertainty of what’s to come next is disheartening and even a bit scary.  To top all of that off, I’m living […]

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  • Wilderness Wednesday!

Big Frog: Situated on the border of Georgia and Tennessee, Big Frog is made up of 8,344 acres and borders the Cohutta Wilderness, creating the largest Forest Service Wilderness Complex on the East Coast. Designated in 1984, Big Frog Mountain sits at 4,224ft and the Benton MacKaye Trail travels through the Wilderness Area. You will find Virginia Pine, various oaks and hickory trees in this forested area. #wilderness #bigfrog #tennessee #sawsome